Did you like the Expendables series?

I loved the whole series and I love the second one. I think these films are under rated. They were funny action packed bloody and had great performances from many older actors.

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  • No I hated them
  • I think there ok
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  • they are the kind of movie you watch when your drunk and just want to see some motherfuckers get blown up without worrying about a plot or interesting characters.

    • True 😂😂😂 the plot kinda works and the interesting characters are ones that don't get much screen time.

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    • once your old enough, watch it. the comic books are just as good, if they'll let you read those.

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  • First was alright.
    Second was boring as fuck.
    Never watched the third.

    • The second was best

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    • Yeah but it didn't entertain me so that's it. I know it was supposed to be fun, and the first one was.

    • I thought they were generic and simple and that's what they went for so I think the movies are bad ass and kick ass

  • Great comedic movies

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