How good is PNY vs any of the bigger brands (ASUS, EVGA, MSI)?

So I'm trying to upgrade my video card on my own for once. I know that if I were to buy a card from the big name brands that I'd spend more money. I found a couple of cards at my local best buy, although they're PNY. I'm worried that because of their price that they won't hold up as well as an MSI or EVGA.


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  • So what you're looking for is the chipset, not the brand. The various brands will use different chipsets depending on the model. Think about how much you want to spend and look at the chipsets. Everyone seems to agree that nVidia's GeForce GTX is the best thing out there right now.

    I don't play games anymore and haven't in quite some time, but from just looking around for you, I think I'd probably aim for one of those GTX 980s. Maybe a GTX 950. Also, I don't know what Best Buy charges, but I'd buy it online. Isn't it always way, way cheaper online?

  • 99% of the time their as reliable as the other brands, their cheaper cause their less well know, so their is less of a demand for them. FYI PNY makes special graphics cards for Nvidia. When it comes to video cards, GPU is more important than brand. Also when buying a graphics card make sure to check wattage of your computers power supply and the power requirement of the card.

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