Hey guys, any thriller/drama movie suggestions?

I think that I have watched all movies in this genre so that now there aren't any for me to watch anymore lol

I would like to know others' recommendations


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  • Split :p


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  • Do you like Thriller action?

    • Um, I like thriller horror more than action

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    • I will check it some time soon. Thanks!

    • Your welcome

  • what drama movies have you watched or be a bit more specific cause i have a few

    • I have watched the ones horror and thriller mixed. I watched lots can't count them all but you just tell me which ones you like the most

    • i mean drama movies probably django unchained, gran torino, fury , interstellar, the revenant or more but if your looking for more along the lines of horror :it follows, evil dead, American psycho , the shinning

    • Thanks!

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