What do you think about this verse by a rapper called Nines?

If I don't rap about birds then the fans won't love me anymore
Say your rich if all you got is money, then you're poor
I treat the beat like a therapist
Kids waking up to bombs in the Middle East
So tell me who's the real terrorist
Why ain't he content with one chick
All this gun crime got these brother dying over dumb shit
Just a lost soul with big dreams
Kamaree got murdered last month
He was only 15
Busy chasing money so I don't get sleep
Hungry but I don't wanna eat that processed meat
I love music but I gotta make P
At a fork in the road, should be like Pablo or Jay Z
My school friend said he never thought I'd make it
But I ain't coming home if the wrong door gets raided
And if I don't make it at least I died trying
Throw my rollie in the air, the way time's flyin'
Chicks will always be there if your dough long
All this vanity distracting me from what's really going on
They don't have a clue what's happening on the street
Screaming "F Donald Trump" like it matters who's on the seat
'Member when Lauren Hill used to sing to me
Had me feeling like black was the thing to be
Now look at what they promote in the industry
Just take a look at the industry
It's Nines


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  • No idea unfortunately

    • It's in basic English