Why do top black and other non white actresses do roles where they're the love interest of a white guy, but top white actresses are never the love?

Interest of a black guy? Or even a noticeably non white guy? Every top black and Hispanic actress has been the love interest of a white guy and/or has sex scenes with white guys but NOT ONE top white actress has Jennifer Aniston? no Jessica Biel? Nope. Jennifer Lawrence? Scarlett Johansson? Angeline Jolie? Nada. I have always wondered this and Hollywood claims that its because audiences don't want to see top white actresses in love scenes or being the love interest of a black or non white guy, but I think they're lying and full of shit really.

America claims to have evolved and blah blah yeah right, you would think that interracial movies and TV shows would be normal now, oh they are... as long as they're not with A-list white actresses. I remember watching a vid on youtube and it had white actresses in the adult film industry talk about the racism in their industry and how they are discouraged by execs , agents, and other industry figures to not work with black guys because it would "ruin" their career. I wonder if this same discouragement is practiced in Hollywood? Are A-list white actresses discouraged from doing interracial roles? Also a black adult film actress had stated that white actresses don't have to work with black guys but if a black actress said she didn't want to work with white guys it would not go over well. But as far as ruining their careers, There's a few white adult film actresses that have did interracial and still have had very successful careers and are in demand such as Nina Hartley Sophie Dee, and others. So what's Hollywood lying for? So what's your thoughts on all of this

  • I'm white and it wouldn't bother me if a top white actress did a sex scene in a hollywood movie with a black or non white guy and/or be the love interest of a black /non white guy
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  • Yes it would bother me to see a top white actress in being the love interest of a black/non white guy in a hollywood movie, but it doesn't bother me whenits a major black/ non whiteactress with a white guy yes i'm a hypocrite
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  • Yeah hollwood is full of double standard racist bullshit
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  • So why is it viewed as such a bad thing when a white woman is seen with a black man but its a good thing when white men date black women? I've noticed a lot of famous popular white actresses aren't seen on any movies/TV shows with black men but its not really seen as much when a famous black female celebrity is portrayed as the spouse of a white man

    • Exactly. This is the hypocritical double standard and hard anyone says anything about it in Hollywood.

  • I've never read about half the stuff u r trying to claim

    • You probably just don't notice when you watch movies and TV but what i'm saying is true. Goff interviews black porn performer Misty Stone, who reveals that black women in porn are consistently paid substantially less than white women, no matter the project. And while a white performer can get away with refusing to work with black men, Stone says that as a black woman, "it would not go over well" if she refused to work with a white man. https://jezebel. com/5993788/porn-performers-agree-the-porn-industry-is-racist

    • that's porn... we all know it's based on racist shit. that's nothing new to anyone. everyone knows the only way a black dude can get n2 porn is if he fits the racist stereotype of having a big dick and so he can go fuck white chicks for that stupid fetish shit people have. And if we wanna talk about porn should we mention if u do gay porn (males) u make a whole lot more then men n straight porn?

    • Check my update. It happens in Hollywood too.

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  • This is one of those changes that needs to happen, and once it has, within a couple of years, everybody will wonder what all of the fuss was about.

    And it should be done in such a way that it's not a major part of the storyline, too. Just have the boyfriend / partner / whatever of the actress as black, and don't make any drama about it.

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