What are your thoughts on sponsored songs?

In Korea sometimes companies pay I don't know how much to a entertainent company and they make a song with a theme about a product or whatever. Normally I'd be pissed but they do it pretty well and it's not super in your face and the songs are usually good so I kinda like them, not all of course.
I can show some examples ^^

This one is for Pantene shampoo but I really like it ! ^^ The hair slo mo tho ^^

This one is from my favorite group ^^ I think this song already existed but it was kinda sponsored after the fact for the mv maybe or so.

I don't like this group at all but this song was pretty decent when the Disney Star Wars era started.

I love this song it's a old one for the LG chocolate colored phones but the song is still great :)

This one is also good (get into my core lmao )


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  • This is some proper old school Kpop 😂

    • you a fan? :)

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    • lol I hope so!

    • You should check out NCT ;) They're really good in my opinion :) My favorite guy groups are bigbang Monsta X, bts, nct and got7 but nct might move up on my list soon :P. They're very talented.


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  • I dont have anything against them, some are pretty catchy songs and video is pretty cool too.


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  • I don't care as long as it sounds good

  • it's kpop. they can make anything sound good lmao sponsored or not.

    • Lol maybe I just picked good songs ;) I ike a lot of groups but there's also a lot of songs I don't like ^^

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