Who should get paid more: VFX artists or actors/actresses?

VFX stands for visual effects, for those who don't know.

Nowadays, the vast majority of movies are made on computers, using CGI and all that. Actors barely do anything more than acting and being a reference model for the editors later on, and even then, sometimes a different person with the same measurements is used to replace the actor.

For example, in the movies with Iron Man in them, except in the first movie, Robert Downey Jr never wore an Iron Man suit, it was all added with computers. So basically actors and actresses rarely put any effort except when using their voice and face.
Also the battle scene in NYC in the Avengers was shot in green screen, so the VFX artists had to recreate the whole city by computer.

Even scenes you would think are made with real props, are actually made by computers, so it makes you think who really puts more effort in the movies, if the actors and actresses or the editors...

Here's a video for those interested in the VFX stuff.

VFX artists
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Who should get paid more: VFX artists or actors/actresses?
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