Who , According To You Should Win The Universal Title?

Okay , so I want Roman Reigns To win the championship cuz he deserves it , but I do think that Brock may retain it after what he and Heyman said.Who , According To You Should Win The Universal Title ??

  • Roman Reigns
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  • Brock Lesnar
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  • Braun Strowman
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  • Samoa Joe
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Most Helpful Girl

  • omg people still watch this? wow just wow

    • Probably yea lol, cuz the stadiums are always full.

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    • huh maybe they got better stories now but they got real crappy thats why i quit watching cuz the story was the only thing worth watching since its fake

    • Yea lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • ffs dude please tell me you don't think all of them have an equal chance it's obviously scripted


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  • WWE was really good. Now they morphed it into this gay family friendly show which has such boring and expected story lines.


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