Former gamers, do you regret for being a gamer?

Since last year, I disown every involvement of mine in video-games.
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  • Why give it up? It's your choice but I don't understand why. I could never do it. Video games are my favorite past time.

    • Because they were the reason, I turned into a shy kid back in school. Even though I'm not shy anymore, this ghost still haunts me.

  • I'm going to school to be a character concept and developmental artist for video games and animation. There's nothing wrong with playing and enjoying video games. I look at them as a art form and so much work goes into them I WANT people to enjoy them. I don't know why you disowned them that's a personal choice you made. But as a female going into this line of work it'd be a plus if the man in my life played video Games. It's like a, enjoy the fruits of my labor kind of thing. That's my two cents about it though lol.

    • working in the game industry and playing games are two extremely different things

      enjoying the fruits of your labour? at most it's going to be something like "look the game you were playing, they use the same music company that my job uses"

      unless you have extreme talent and many years experience, you won't actually be making any (good) games

    • They aren't different things though. Looks at super meat boy. A indie game made by one guy that millions of people loved. Exactly as I said- the fruits of his labor- he made that game for free. He loved platformer games as a kid which inspired him to make his own video game. He had no experience. So yeah, you're wrong. You shouldn't try and squash other people passions just because you don't agree with them. I'm going into this industry because it's what I love and what I love to do. I responded with a personal experience and you're trying to down play it, it's just mean and unnecessary.

    • an indie game by a very lucky guy with the right connections. a very very rare exception, and not in the slightest bit an indicator of how the game industry usually works

      im not trying to squash your passions. im warning you.

      everyone wants to be in the game industry. its the toughest industry to get into.

Most Helpful Guys

  • well.. kind of

    i spent 6 years playing a game very intensively. i have over 6,000 hours in that game now. looking back now obviously that was a giant waste of time, i could have done so many other things..

    but the thing is, i had severe depression at the time. the game probably helped me through most of it. so in that regard it is good that it was there

    • " that was a giant waste of time" < disagree, prove me wrong anon?

      Would you rather spend your time clubbing with chads and staceys?

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    • @AnimeGopnik you are looking at the wrong way.

      remember 10 years ago when people didn't really want fast internet because "whats the point, you can't do anything with that..".

      but now that fast and more stable internet exists, it has opened up so many possiblities, like hd live streaming, controlling a 3d game remotely, the whole IoT thing

      my point is that you cannot say you dont need to expand your knowledge because of a certain goal you have in your head. in my opinion you should always seek to better yourself. you cannot predict the future, you do not know when all that extra knowledge will come to aid. besides, knowing more things makes you more intelligent too. intelligence is a nice thing to have when you have to do stuff like choose a president

      you sound like the typical "i will get what i want or otherwise i will cry, but i won't work for anything" millennial when you say "scool is for stoopid peepel"

    • thanks for MHO

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  • How does one become a "former gamer" ? I'm sure you'll be back

    If you're bored just go one nexus, modDB or whatever else you like

    • I've sold almost every console and video games I had. And in order to be back, I have to buy them again.

    • Well. . . You could've gone digital anon, remember that next time

  • No never and I would never give it up. For what reason would I give up video games?

  • No, I used to like games when I was young, I wish I still did, but games suck these days


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