Can you suggest me some songs?

I wanna listen different songs. I'm bored of mine. can you suggest me really good songs or your favourite song?


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  • sweet to me - summer salt
    human sadness - julian casablancas and the void
    parachute - sean lennon
    kid bloom - i kissed a girl and she kissed me
    peach pit - techno show
    peach pit - peach pit
    peach pit - alrighty aphrodite
    peach pit - hot knifer
    surf's curse - forever dumb
    Mac Demarco - a heart like hers
    The Drums - I don't know how to love
    Vansire - eleven weeks
    Joy Again - Necromancer
    Bad Suns - daft pretty boys
    Genders - Life is but a dream
    Boy pablo - Ur phone
    Dead sullivan - sever
    killedmyself - I walked her home, for the last time
    Mow - Grasiah
    Beach fossils - down the line
    teen suicide - the same things happen to me, even in my dreams
    cuco - we had to end it
    Gus dapperton - I'm just snacking
    kane strang - my smile is extinct
    jeremy zucker - talk is overrated ft blackbear
    rex orange county - sunflower
    rex orange county - best friend
    declan mckenna - why do you feel so down
    kodaline - all I want
    elijah who - I'm tired of feeling this way

    I hope you enjoy my list haha :)))))


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