Please vote. Do you know how to waltz?

Just curious. I'm quite proficient at waltzing and am looking for a steady dance partner but no one seems to know how!
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  • Sorta (You know the basic box step)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Where are you from? Here people do know how to. The basics aren't hard. Find someone who has a feeling for the beat and teach him. Shouldn't take long until he knows the basics. And everything from there on should be learned together anyways since every location taughts a little bit of a different style.

    • Mid-east part of USA. That's true, I have a ball coming up in a few months so I was hoping to find someone that already knows what they're doing, but I guess we can work it out lol.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Nope


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  • I'd say I used to be proficient but it's probably been 15 years since the last time I danced the waltz so I'm quite out of practice. But I'm sure it would come back quick and if nothing else I could at least just maintain basic three step

  • I pretty much only know the basics. Although, at school they tell me I'm actually pretty good at dancing. But it's a different genre. My classmates can only dance on modern music, with a lot of bass beats in it. The reason why they tell me I'm good at dancing, is because I use old fashioned dancemoves. Moves that were used in the music of disco, dance, classic love songs, 90s eurodance 80s hip hop etc. I never had a dance partner, not even at a ball, but they always wanted me to dance though. I can do that without getting drunk. I quite like classical music, I have to admit. I like it more than Despacito.

  • shame I didn't find this in time. I can waltz like a badass. Or at least fake it enough to get a hot girl to dance with me. lol


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