How much does being different matter on youtube?

For example if you wanted to make a youtube channel about un-boxing or something like that. You see all the big unboxing channels and they are very successful and then as you go down the line to not as well known people you see that they have really good content too, maybe even just as good as the top channels and very similar to the first channels in terms of how they talk and present themselves and make their videos but are less well known. And lets say you make your channel and it''s different than the rest of the unboxing channels but not quite as good. Like it's still good but it's not quite as good as the other ones in terms of quality and charisma or whatever. Would the channel that has a different twist have more success then the other channels solely because it's different?


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  • The best channels are the ones that don't try to be different and just do what they say they do. Lets say it is an unboxing, I don't want to know about the person, maybe on occasion, but I clicked for whatever they are unboxing and reviewing. Short, Simple, High Quality videos are the best


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