**SPOILERS** What did you guys think of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

I thought it was okay. 7/10. I'll say this much, rarely have I ever seen a movie that had so many people divided in terms of opinion. It's almost like it's either one of the most perfect Star Wars movies you've ever seen, or it was pretty much straight garbage. Or at least that's what I'm getting from people's reactions.

What did you guys think?


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  • Solid 2/10.

    That whole "He betrayed you but I wont" bs Ray spewed before she beat him up and ran off to join the bad guys and thus get tortured into giving away Lukes position was the last drop for me.

    As well as the whole "force flying through space" bs Leia did, and the fact that the second in command could've just explained her plans at the start, instead of having Fin and the girl go through all the trouble for no reason.

    Oh as well as the fact that the girls best ide to save Fin while he was trying to give up his life to save everyone, was to crash into his ship with hers, thus making them both crash.

    I mean, she pretty much died from that! What if he'd been the one dying instead, then she would've just looked like a retard. Crashing into him was probably the worst plan she could've come up with. Ships have a history of turning into fireballs of death when they crash into the ground.

    I regret spending money and time to watch that movie.

    That being said though that scene where she just hyperspaced that giant star cruiser was pretty good though.

    But then again, how come no one has thought about doing that before? If the japs could do it to defend their country these guys should be able to do it to save a galaxy.

  • I'd say it was a solid 8/10. I didn't agree with all their choices (like killing Snoke or having Luke basically depressed and cynical), but they did a good job at setting the pace for Episode IX. Mark Hamill could still return. I did think that the whole Rose plot line was weak and her only point was to save Finn at the end. This movie, unlike many others in the series, doesn't really have a standalone plot, which I think is one reason people don't like it.


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