Where people genuinely offended by the star wars movie?

I get the feeling people just lash out at anything that isn't the "original".


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  • ***SPOILERS***
    I haven't seen the new one, but The Force Awakens movie was good by itself but it just wasn't George Lucas' Star Wars. Even George Lucas didn't like it. Rey just easily wielded the light saber and use the force with no training when Luke and Anakin were prodigies and even they had to have lots of training before they could go up against the baddest dude in the galaxy. She fought friggen beat Kylo Ren with no training. If you new Kylo Rens background, he is the best of the best. He single handedly killed all the Jedi Luke Skywalker was training. So if Michael Jordan was your teacher and you beat all his other trainees, why is someone who has never played basketball able to go head to head with you? And she could flew the Millennium Falcon and she's never even piloted a ship. What the heck. All in all it was a good movie and it definitely is just trying to bring Star Wars to a new generation and I can appreciate that much.


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