Let's talk Naruto for a moment. How was Orochimaru supposedly so impressive during his earlier appearances?

Maybe I've just been out of touch with the franchise for too long and so I can only really think of Orochimaru in terms of his later appearances ((at which point he's been long since overshadowed by pretty much everyone else)), but even then I don't see it.

When referring to the time around his debut, I always hear:

"Oh such a menacing villain!"
"How could they ruin such a badass character?"

Okay, menacing?
When I look at him, all I see is a slightly more psychopathic version of your run-of-the-mill capital B badguy. The only truly menacing thing he EVER did was that whole "bloodthirst hallucination" deal.

That's it.

Oh and badass, really?
He was beating down on a bunch of kids who were no older than 13. Sure you can say that he was able to challenge one of the best of the best, but.. pardon me if I'm not too impressed by that considering half of the fight he had backup..

Am I wrong or are people just that easily impressed?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I wasn't really into Naruto when my brothers used to watch it. I'm more into the Dragon Ball franchise. Orochimaru was really impressive probably because he had powers that not a lot of characters had in the anime. He scared me when I watched it growing up. So that's why people like him so much, he was different and scary (I'm probably wrong 'cause I wasn't really into Naruto. Just my opinion ^_^).

    • True. He does have that disturbing "uncanny valley" charm to him.

    • Yeah, most characters that have the mysterious vibes are liked. Zoro, from One Piece, he's mysterious and strong and a lot of people are big fans of him. Or Hatori Sohma from Fruit Basket he was very mysterious barely talked in what I can remember of Fruit Basket. I loved him for some reason. Those are characters I can think of from the top of my head but I'm sure there's more.

  • I never watched naruto so I wouldn't know

    • That's actually kinda shocking.

    • Why is it shocking that I didn't watch it? I was busy watching inuyasha and soul eater. That and I never saw it from the beginning so never took interest

What Guys Said 1

  • He was one of the legendary sannin a Kage Level opponent. He was stronger than Sasori who defeated the strongest Kazekage. He singlehandedly killed Gaara's father Rasa who was the Fourth Kazekage.

    • He killed the Third Hokage. Even Kakashi who became the Sixth Hokage.

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    • It.. doesn't take a lot to be stronger than Sasori.
      Define "singlehandedly."

      As I said, most of that fight, he had reanimations help him out.

      I'll have to look at his fight with Kakashi.

    • Well he fought Kakashi when Kakashi was only 13, but Kakashi was already a Jonin. When he was an adult Kakashi didn't fight him again but he did encounter him again and as an adult even though he was Kage level he said he was nowhere near as strong as Orochimaru. Plus he defeated the fourth Kazekage. Sasori defeated the third Kazekage, and when he fought Sakura and Chiyo he let himself lose the fight.

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