Who's the bigger rock star Dave Grohl or Kurt Cobain?

Man as a Nirvana lover and Kurt supporter I ask because I know. It's Dave.

If Kurt would have lived, who knows. I know even Dave is sad about that.

Dave's a badass. But there will always be that pit in my stomach. I was 9 when Cobain died. Something's just suck.

But Grohl isn't one of them. His latest release just proves that even further.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Definitely Kurt. He was a rockstar in every sense of the term, he was a rebel living a hard and fast life.
    While I’m not a huge Goo Gighters fan (I think their last album was their best yet), I will say Dave is a talented guy. He’s just too good to be a rockstar to me, if that makes sense.

    • It makes sense and their latest album is just fantastic.

      in my opinion though Kurt should be a rockstar and Dave should simply because of what you put forward. It's an image issue. I know Kurt wouldn't want that. He isn't a rockstar. I mean I love him but that shouldn't be an idol. Him and Him Morrison.

      It's Bowie, Neil Young, Dave Grohl. Frank FUCKING Zappa.

      No disrespect to Kurt and he is a significant figure. But Grohl was going to be a badass no questions asked Nirvana or no Nirvana.

      I actually think Nirvana set him back in the long run personally and emotionally.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Kurt is an icon (so is Dave, I guess), but Dave is the bigger rock star.

    • @beebella I've been at a festival where Dave Grohl has played live, so whilst Kurt is the biggest icon I'm going to call it a tie.

    • @AndrewMG I think she is saying Dave wins. They are both icons. But Dave is the bigger rockstar.

      I think Dave would join me in saying, "wtf why man?" To Kurt.

      It should have at least been a competition. We're all sad about that.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Kurt pretty much was the bigger rockstar as he left a huge impact on the music scene especially grunge. As much as I like Dave Grohl, he is a talented drummer and guitarist and would be on the same level as Kurt Cobain. So basically a tie if it's possible.

    • Yeah I like this answer. It's almost not even a comparable thing which is why I included the third option. You have one career thatis a burst of lightening and another that is this great tapestry of talents and styles.

      Kurt was the bigger star or idol or whatever but we can only wonder about his talent and musicianship. I think Dave Grohl iOS just such a monster performer,
      musician and just ear for talent... that I can only take him as a true witness with him saying, everytime Kurt touched a guitar [to make a new song] it was beautiful. The light touch and the chords. Grohl understood that Smells Like Teen Spirit was a hit in big part to the two note guitar opening guitar by Kurt.

      Kurt when to his grave thinking he wrapped of the Pixies. As a huge Pixies fan, other than a strong bass line I never understood how he thought it was a rip from the Pixies.

  • Never heard of this Dave guy but I have actually heard of Kurt Cobain so I voted for Cobain.

    • Foo fighters? Dave was the drummer that made Nirvana.

    • Oh, okay... that clears it up. Still Cobain, though...

What Girls Said 2

  • Kurt!!!

  • Dave


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