What are your thoughts on Disney's acquisition of 20th/21st Century Fox' film and TV assets?

I was pretty excited to see where Fox was going with their superhero films myself. They explored other genres with Logan and Deadpool, and they even have a horror movie slated for release next year in the form of New Mutants. But now that Disney owns them they're just going to be the same science fiction action-adventure flicks that the MCU movies are, and what they turned Star Wars into. They all have the same brand of humor, the same structure and the same kinds of characters, all calculated to hit that perfect PG-13 sweet spot that sells the most tickets.

The MARVEL movies are fun and all (mostly), but they're all the same when it comes to tone and genre. And after Disney had half of Star Wars Rogue One reshot because it was too dark and didn't fit their magic formula, my hopes are dashed that a director will ever be given the amount of control that was required to make something as unique as James Mangold's Logan.

Disney kills everything it touches lolWhat are your thoughts on Disney's acquisition of 20th/21st Century Fox' film and TV assets??


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  • I am concerned I read that about 26% of movies coming out net years have a connection to Disney now. That's quite a monopoly there. One has to question if a studio becomes to big could they force movie theaters to up there prices to appease them?

    • 26% isn't a monopoly lol

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    • And you don't believe Disney and Universal could purchase those remaining companies anytime you want? What it boils down to is if your the kind of person that thinks everything Disney does is amazing than this will be great news. As for people wanting alternatives this is a nightmare.

    • I don't think everything Disney does is great, which is why I posted this question in the first place. But that doesn't mean I have to think that Disney is a monopoly when such a statement is empirically false

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  • Disney CEO has stated that R-rated marvel movies will go on through disney's R rated branch for movies such as Logan and Deadpool. Its been proven that the formula works so why would they change it anyway.

    • Because they weren't good because they were rated R, and there's no way Disney isn't completely oblivious to that fact. They just see it as the edgy adult alternative to usual MCU movies.

    • Wellp alrigt, but i have faith in disney. Or rather, marvel studios.

  • You act like fox created comic book masterpieces... do we have to go through Wolverine origins or fantastic 4?

    • Not at all. The only comic book adaptation I consider even close to being that great is Logan. Deadpool was wildly overrated and the MCU is made up of movies ranging from mediocre to moderately good.

      It's not that Fox made amazing comic book movies, it's that they actually experimented and broke the mold, and I was genuinely interested in them going places that they've never gone before, such as the New Mutants movie. Disney averages the best comic book movies between all the current movie studios, but they all feel the same.

      They don't want to make unique movies, they want to keep pumping out episode after episode of the long-running TV show that is the Cinematic Universe, and they only know how to make two kinds of movies anymore - Action-adventure and action-adventure-comedy. Star wars is the same way now - all three of the new movies just feel like you're watching more Marvel at this point.

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    • That sounds like how it likely went down lol
      I mean, the comics were often that way a lot too, but it never bothered me like it does when you see it in a movie. Because if you do that in a comic book, you fi is reading the 20 page issue and you're done. You got the fan service but the story continues and builds into something complex and satisfying. You do that in a movie and it just clutters it all up and detracts from the rest of it.

    • Exactly. It works in comics because they’re, or can be stand alone. This is why this scene works so great in LEGO Batman

      They fan service to use obscure villains that all but 3.26 people would get from the jump, but know they’re obscure and are basically stand alone and use it to their advantage for 3 seconds, not make 30 minutes where Batman is fighting condiments man and deliberately go out of their way to go meta to absolutely shit on the Batman vs Superman... and green lantern 😂

  • The Disney Empire

  • I think they are getting too big


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