I get extremely angry whenever things like the new Oceans movie trailer is shown or Star Wars. Is there a way to end it?

I just get super angey I want to hit things beat myself up. I get a renewed HATERED of women. I have to go to sites like A Voice For Men or even ReturnOfKings. I just to to hit things or break things, including myself. I feel horrible that I was born a man in a world that now HATES men and wants to take everything away from men, or I feel like I maybe did have privilage over women so I should kill myself. The same goes for Women in Computer Science. I feel like what the hell did I do wrong. I never hurt a woman, I never even talk to them because I am so scared of them. I want to stop feeling this way.


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  • why are you so scared of them? is there any particular reason?

  • Why do you hate women?

    • It started when I was 10 or 12 and read an article about harassment so I am always afraid I might be harassing a woman if I even make eye contact.
      Now, In terms of employment, they are blocking me by things like Women in Computer Science. Meanwhile, even if I go into a female dominated field, I won't get support from "Men in Nursing" or "Men in Fashion". Even when I fill out job applications, it gets to the end and asks my gender and race for some reason and I always have a nagging feeling they will look at the words Asian and Male and my real name and then always put my resume at the bottom of the pile.
      Then there is entertainment. I am not a fan or Ocean's movies or Star Wars or Dr. Who or Ghostbusters but I feel like something is being taken away from me, especially since some of these are movies enjoyed by "nerdy" men.
      Lastly, I am not allowed to talk about my problems. I can only talk while hiding my name and face to random people I hope will never recognize me.

    • Have you even applied for these job, or are you just making assumptions? Because you can't know for sure until you try. I think you should get therapy for your deep rooted hatred of women.

    • I have applied for MANY jobs and face constant rejection. Then go to university and see posters with bullshit statistics about "women in tech" which make me angry.

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  • you're either trolling or just a dick
    Women had (and still do have) it pretty shitty i think we men can spare a few lead roles


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