Any artits on the comunity?

Are there any artists on this comunity? If so, what type of artist are you?


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  • I like to draw, though I haven’t drawn in a while.

    • That happens to all of us, its normal, try to focus on things that inspire you, and other artists draws help too

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    • Thanks for the tip! I may try that

    • You're welcome

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  • I got may arise in drawing.😊
    Many things like science , history , geographic projects I made, SUPW periods of my lower classes.
    There are a lot of things lol. Difficult to explain here.

    • Coin collection, stamps collection, magic art, projects of various flowers, leaves, drying then and fixing them on project books.
      I did a lot of things.

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    • Thanks dude. :-)

    • Your welcome

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