Do u gamer (s) think that assassins creed would work in ww2?

Not caring bout the german and other related countrys replys or rating (s)


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  • You spelled "You" wrong

    • And "About"

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    • Yea i dont do full words

    • It looks nicer and shows you care about what you say. I'm no grammar Nazi or perfectionist.

      As for yout question. World War 2 or even World War 1 is questionable because I'm sure you're not taking on a German Tiger 1 Tank with a crossbow or wrist dagger. The usage of explosives and fire arms will be used and going against groups of soldiers will lead to constant fire fighting and lots of running around for hit and run attacks. Unless you scream "Leroy Jenkins" and pick yourself up a sniper rifle and start acting like a Call of Duty kid who's younger than the amount of online dates I've had and just start quickscoping everything.

      The game would lose it's feel and might just feel more like a Sniper Elite only now you can full off some cool Judo Fighting styles when up close.

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  • I don't think so. I think the automatic weapons would cause a lot of problems with the way Assassins Creed game mechanic works. I think the lastest it can go is 1860s since single shot rifles are still common place.


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  • I think the most suitable setting would be in Italy with Mussolini. Or something that prefaces the war

  • I could see it.


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