What shall my next heavy music myTake be?

ok, so the myTakes I create are all music oriented, particularly heavy music, since I'm into metal and some rock. I've already made the myTakes listed here:

Metallica's "Kill 'em All" record
AC/DCs "back in black" record
the problems of being a female metalhead
the advantages of being a female metalhead
the death of AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young
companies taking advantage of celebs/musicians deaths (including Malcolm young)

I want to create more, but I can't decide what to do next! for those heavy music lovers out there that do know these bands I mention here, what should be my next myTake? this is the list of ones I want to do, but I want you guys to pick from one of these:

The death of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell
Metallica's "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct" record
Metallica's "Load" and "Reload" album comparison
AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" record
Rob Zombie and White Zombie band comparison
the offspring "smash" record

I know this is a lot to choose from lol. but the help is appreciated! whichever choice that's mentioned most will be used!
ok, decision made, rob zombie and white zombie band comparison is what shall be done! keep a lookout for it, as it should be coming soon! thanks to all who gave their opinions


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  • I would like to put in a request for a MyTake.
    So I listen to metal here and there, it wasn't until this year that I attended my first concert and you already know who it was.
    Something that stood out were the women, they dressed differently from other events and concerts, I really liked the way they looked, the leather pants and how chill they were. Almost like no effort and still looked great. So a myTake on metal clothing and fashion.

  • Rob zombie and white zombie band comparison. I always loved both.

  • I don't read mytakes but, I would say, you should right about an upcoming metal band or, a band which hasn't got much acclaim.
    Like, Of Mice and Men, Stria, Broken Rail, Blacktop Mojo, From Ashes to New etc.
    There are many more on these channels:-


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