NBA dancers rigged?

I need an opinion on this... it’s been bothering me. I know two girls one of them had been dancing her entire life. The other trained in dancing for 5 months. They both auditioned for an NBA dance team. The one who only trained for 5 months actually made it. I felt it was unfair because I know both women. The one who only trained for 5 months is drop dead gorgeous and she just decided one day she wanted to train to be an nba dancer. So she started to train in dancing and fitness. I supported her but I didn’t think she’d make it. I thought it required some sort of back ground in dancing. The other one did not and she was devesated. she has been a dancer her entire life. She told me it’s about looks. That’s completely unfair. Is that how the dance world is? Sorry this just really bothers me.


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  • Obviously it's about looks. It's not rigged because everyone knows it's just about looks. That is apparently besides you and your not as pretty friend.


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