Does anyone know where I can download films and TV shows for free?

I have a long series of flights on Friday. I don't have Netflix, I don't want to spend money and I'd rather not use torrents.

Does anyone know a website where I can download shows like Breaking Bad or films? Ideally in a format suitable for my phone but that's not essential as I have a converter already.


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  • Showbox dude it's the best shit for androif


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  • Torrents are just the easiest way to do it that's why they are used so much I would say just use them if you need a good bit of advice go to the pirate bay and sort them by the number of seeders it's the easiest way I know of and most tech savvy people will say the same make sure you read the comments under the torrents

  • Just look up “(name of movie) free online” and you’ll find movies. I don't know if it works with TV shows tho.

    • Yeah but I need to be able to actually download them. That usually works fine for streaming but when it comes to downloading I've had no luck so far

    • Generally searching for free downloads for movies gets your viruses or just takes you to torrents

    • I’ve never had to download them and I've never got viruses on my phone

  • tsk tsk tsk


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