Who do you ship Rey with in the newest Star Wars trilogy?

  • Who do you ship Rey with in the newest Star Wars trilogy?Reylo
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  • Who do you ship Rey with in the newest Star Wars trilogy?Finrey
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  • Who do you ship Rey with in the newest Star Wars trilogy?Rey Is An Independant Woman Who Don't Need No Man
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  • I voted Rey/Finn because I could die happy if they got together because they cute as fuck and have such good chemistry, but I honestly ship a mix of Rey/Finn, Rey/Finn/Poe, and Rey/Phasma.

    Kylo had literally EVERYTHING he could have wanted (loving parents, a loving uncle who was teaching him goddamn magic and how to fight with a laser sword, the wealth and affluence to do anything he wanted) and he threw it all away to be a whiny edgelord sith. If he lays one greasy finger on Rey I'm burning all of Star Wars to the ground. It's cancelled. I'm out.

    So you might say I'm not a big fan of reylo

    • so what do you think of what happened between Finn & Rose?

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    • I was kind of relieved, I used to think that Finn & Rey were best for each other but this episode illuminated me to the tragedy of Kylo Rens backstory & it seemed like Rey was developing feelings, but I was like 'Damn, Finns gonna be alone though'. The kiss did not seem passionate, but I get the sense he cares for her, if not as much as she does. I thought it was odd when he was all 'give it back to her'

    • See I just got the vibe he was pissed that drunk dude callously took something that was very obviously precious to Rose for a seemingly selfish reason

Most Helpful Guy

  • I really want Poe and Fin shipped but I don't think Disney will do it.

    • What's their chemistry?

    • Well Fin already took Poe's jacket like anyone in a relationship. They just work very well together. Most just see a bromance but I see it as something more.

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  • I don’t know if I ship reylo so much as they’re two characters who ‘need’ each other for the sake of balance and power instead of attraction

  • Kylo is a big brat who likes to throw tantrums. Ray don't need that shit.


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