Will I need lessons to learn to Ukulele?

I already now how to play the piano an im getting a ukulele for Christmas


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  • No— I would say not. This is a mytake I wrote for guitar, but bits of it may be applicable.
    Guitar for the Superstar: The Ultimate Guide to Starting to Learn Guitar ↗

    To learn ukulele, it comes down to...
    — technique
    — memorization (i. e. of chords)
    — practice
    (Note: all three of these have overlap with each other)

    With technique, you can get it right off of youtube. There are plenty of “ukulele for basic” videos out there. Chances are, getting lessons would be basically equivalent to youtube— differences being cost and having someone giving personalized feedback. Personalized feedback gives peace of mind, but if you’ve learned piano (whether self taught or not), I’m sure you’d be fine in teaching yourself ukulele.

    Memorization goes hand in hand with practice. Ukulele is very chord-based. It requires memorizing various sort of finger positions, but it really isn’t that bad. Piano is in my opinion harder to learn the positions actually. You wouldn’t need lessons for this though. Even if you took lessons, you’d be doing the memorizing outside of the lesson time on your own anyway.

    As for practice, just like any instrument, you’d have to take the time to get used to it (and faster/more fluid). Again, lessons wouldn’t really help with this.

    In conclusion, lessons only especially with technique. One can argue it also provides a sense of motivation by keeping one to a schedule... but I’d argue that if you aren’t wanting to learn the instrument, lessons wouldn’t help regardless.

    So all in all, I’d suggest trying to teach yourself. If, down the line, you’re having trouble figuring the instrument out, then try a teacher. They def aren’t required though.


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  • im sure you could watch tutorials on youtube and soon be knocking out a tune

  • YouTube is great for that stuff.


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