How do I conquer my one fear?

So I've lived with stage freight for 5 years now... as I used to sing In every choir and I was so passionate until secondary school... Where I was bullied for my passion for music. But I want to conquer that fear and be able to sing freely again... any tips?


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  • Get back in a choir! I'm biased, being a music teacher, but doing that is the best way to get over the fear. It's natural to be afraid and you are definitely not the only one with stage fright.
    If you actually mean freight, like you wrote, get a job as a lorry driver!

    • Thank you (and no auto corrected as freight)😁 but thank you I know I need to its just going to be a bit of a struggle

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  • First off, I would give up on getting rid of nervousness in it’s entirety. I’m been in multiple bands and gone on stage plenty of times. I still get nervous. Nerves are standard.

    That being said, you can get less nervous— where your nervousness won’t be a hinderance.

    What I would suggest is facing your fear at a gradual level. When people have phobias, for instance, the way treatment goes for them is to be exposed gradually. Phobias and the like are created from continual avoidance. Hence, if you face the issue, you’ll get more comfortable/less afraid.

    I would first start off with being able to sing by yourself and around family/friends comfortably. Accept your own ability/normalize yourself on your own time before subjecting yourself to people.

    Once you do that, I would then try and ask around any of your musician buddies to have a jam sesh. It’ll be fun, and you’ll get more used to singing in a group setting. I also think singing with guitar/friends going on is a bit more difficult than singing alone.

    If you don’t feel comfortable getting on stage at this point, I’d suggest hanging out with your musician friends at a park or someplace public to jam. Since there are people around, it’ll be more nerve-wracking than the precious step but less nerve wracking than a stage (since they aren’t focusing on you).

    After that, I would then suggest facing your fear and jumping on stage. Of course, whether you do so in a way of a rock band or a local choir, it’s a good idea to practice a lot beforehand. Practice helps a lot. (If you need suggestions on forming a rock band, lemme know).

    When you get on stage, I would suggest a few things...
    — Have fun. This is the most important thing. If you treat it like a fun experience, you’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll also perform better.
    — Mistakes will happen. Don’t expect perfection. When I go play drums for my current band, I make plenty of mistakes. I keep going though. So, my advice is to trudge through. If you get too perfectionist, you’ll freeze up, which is not good. Realistically, people in crowds don’t notice small things anyway.
    — Almost exaggerate the stage performance. Most likely, you’ll be more timid than you realize. Move around. Look passionate. Also, whatever you do, don’t read lyrics off your phone (I know a guy that did that. Looked realky bad). Go all in and live in the present while you’re up there.


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  • The best way to get over your fears are to face them


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  • Maybe start by singing in front of people you know and trust (friends or family), I think taking it at one step at a time might be the way to go about it


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