Have you ever woken up and asked a non sensical question?

And you've actually start googling the question and later go "why am I looking this up?"

It happened to me so I just thought I would ask. by the way, the question is "what is a Hufflepuff?"



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  • I once had this demented dream in which I was a sentient waterfall named Finnegan. Upon waking, my first query was, "what the hell am I on?". I'm not in the habit of doing dream analysis, but I figured I'd make an exception because this dream was something else (I've never been water, but now I can say I have an idea of what it would feel like).
    So, I did some Google searching for the meaning behind such a dream (i. e., "what does it mean if you dream that you are a waterfall?", "who is Finnegan?"), which eventually led me to Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce, which was, suffice it to say, a rabbit hole of complete and utter nonsense.

  • I do this all the time. I just wake up with a burning desire to know the answer to something that doesn't matter at all. I once read the whole Wikipedia page on the Korean government. I like to call these Google deep dives because they just seem to lead to more questions.


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