Is she a nerd therefore so shy?

I saw her... after thinking about a girl's words.
So want to make sure something.
There were nothing to do actually
But she pretend to do this when she saw me.
So what is reason behind it?
I think white is confidence but not really
So did I miss somthing?
Have you ever met the problem?

Is she a nerd therefore so shy?


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  • Don't take pictures without consent. You look creepy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Man, don´t post picture of people without their permission. It´s creepy.

    • Sorry but I think she is safe. Maybe she is just one kind of white in travler's view.
      Actually one of reason I thoughf is that her role is a shy girl.

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  • Just looks like she's doing her job or doesn't want to make eye contact with the weird guy taking pictures of her at her work place.

    • But I saw her weird so took this picture
      I was scaning all shop.

    • Dude I could barely make out your post, you gotta clean up the grammar a bit.

      I'd say if a guy walked in my place of work and spent 10 minutes watching me all around the shop and taking pictures of keep my head down too.

    • Ok not convient to type now
      But I saw her when I turn my body
      She was scard me a bit acturally
      I think she should talk to that boy who wear yellow.
      I wear like korean star , I know I am only one kind of Asian too.

  • Go talk to her


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