Is Spotify premium worth it? What do you get with it?

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  • Ad free. I listen to music just about 20 hours out of the day so it comes in handy.


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  • Ya for sure
    The best part of it is that you can download the song and listen to it offline. Otherwise it eats tons of data

    Also no add. And you have some other benefits i think too

    • What if you have a good data plan anyway.

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    • You can always just put songs on your phone if you have a lot of storage lol

      I think you have an option of choosing different quality songs ya
      But not sure if its premium or also just normal

      I just have had premium this whole time cause its included in my plan
      So i don't know exact differences

    • Premium enables higher quality music.

      Spotify uses an offline cache to store a decent amount of songs in for whenever you are offline (different than downloading a whole playlist, still usefull).

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  • They have a promotion right now 99 Cents for 3 months so I would tell you just try it out I think every one can spare 99cents And if you don’t like it cancel your subscription

  • It is worth it if you listen to music a lot, multiple hours a day etc

  • It is just for downloading your playlists and no adverts


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