Mother! (2017): Ridiculously pretentious or beautifully allegorical?

 Mother! (2017): Ridiculously pretentious or beautifully allegorical?
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For those who haven't seen it:
"A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence."


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  • Mother! is an allegorical movie, a film whose literal plot hardly hides its mythical ambitions. But unlike some other enigmatic movies who are too cryptic to even try to untangle them (David Lynch enjoys making those), Mother! is open for almost too many interpretations. Which one is the “right one”? Or maybe we are looking at a stack of pieces put together from multiple puzzles, instead of a single one? Whatever it is, the experience is profoundly captivating.

    So what is the movie about? The first clue must be in the title. Motherhood. Which starts with judgement. Everyone has an opinion about women’s choices – family planning is everyone’s business. Which continues with pregnancy. The loss of privacy. Now not only their choices, but their bodies are open for public discussion. They are violated by gazes and hands – of doctors, nurses and strangers. In the hospital their voices aren’t heard, their autonomy isn’t respected. Being incapacitated, the husbands make the choices now. The people that come for a visit, the speeches being made – nothing is of their choice.

    Women go through hell to give birth. Taking care of the newborn is just as hard, their lives subjugated to children needs. They incubate their children, trying to protect them from the outside world, creating a small cocoon of material and emotional comfort. But sooner or later the children are taken from them to the men’s world. A world driven by ideology and made-up narratives. Where historical, generational considerations trump personal wellbeing, where human life is easily sacrificed on the altar of the greater good. That exclamation mark in Mother! is a cry for help, the wish to return to women’s world of sustenance and care. But it always comes too late, when pain and death are already about to engulf.

    You should read this article.

    two other interpretations

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    • I saw it and understand the allegory...
      I was wondering what others thought of it. It would be more helpful if you stated your opinion...

    • I liked it but did not love it. It is the type of movie that most movie studios will not make. I hope we see more like it. If you look at the literal action of the movie, you will hate it probably. If you know it is an allegory and look for the symbolism, it is fun to watch.

    • Thanks for selecting my opinion as Most Helpful Opinion. @LittleSally

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  • Wtffff

  • I never saw it. I haven't seen a Jennifer Lawrence movie since Passengers.

  • I don't know actually im just gonna watch it. Thnx for reminding me

  • What an overrated piece of crap!!!


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