This freaking game, have you got addicted to it?

So, it was a simple mode for wow, and now it has become one of the most highly paid games of all time!
I remember playing it back in the days, but gladly I got off the hook a couple of years ago, but still I find it one of the best games to play with friends.
This freaking game,  have you got addicted to it??


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  • Dota2 is actually one of the best games I've played and it's all about preference, some people just hate it because they prefer FPS over a strategy game like Dota2. ALSO F*** that new pangolier is so fun. I haven't been on it in a while tho since my internet's really crappy, but I'll definitely once I get better ping


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  • Why would you play Dota if you can play league

    • Let's not go there plz!
      Okay 😉

    • It was a joke. I personally enjoy League, but I don't care if you play Dota.

    • Lol
      It is not funny, when you know that Dota and lol fans are always fighting about which one is better 😂

  • Nah, never got into DOTA 2 I mainly play CS:GO

  • I play lol


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