Finished writing my script. What in the hell do I do from here?

Hey guys, so long story short, I've finally finished writing the script / screenplay for a video game that I've been working on for a year and a half. I'm not entirely sure where I got the idea from, it just kind of came to me during a programming class, I used to make short stories in high school but I never quite pursued the hobby. However, one day I just started furiously writing during my off times and... well, suddenly I just ended up with an insane amount of pages of gameplay, mechanics, and tree-branching storylines.

I've written down the premise of the game as follows:

Title: "Grisaille: The Blank Mandate"

Premise: A noir, psychological thriller detective game taking place in the early 1940's. You take on the role of Daniel Fontaine, a grizzled detective on the case to solve the murders of three victims, all of whom fell prey to a charismatic and intelligent, yet deeply psychotic artistic serial killer whose M. O and calling card involves using the remains of his victim's to create his oil painted mural masterpieces depicting their final moments. Uncover the truth behind the "Renaissance Murders" as you journey deeper into the bleak world of Morgan City, a place where your morality will be tested, the pasts and connection between Daniel and his adversary is uncovered, and nothing is as it seems.

However, I've run into a problem. I don't know what to do with the script. I... uh... kinda started writing as a creative outlet before I planned anything out. I had a couple of ideas:

1 - Finding a way to turn the game into mobile where you use the gyroscope in your smart phone to investigate crimes in first person.

2 - Trying to sell the script to an actual game developer for PC or console.

3 - Selling the script to a movie production company.

What are your guys thoughts? Does this even sound like a good premise for a game or a movie? Anything you would do if you were in this position, or have been in this position before?


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  • That sounds cool. I suggest a kick starter and promoting by social media. You really have something unique. If you sell to a movie production company or developer, you may lose rights to it or not see the end result of your work for quite some time.
    If you do a kickstarter or a gofundme and pursue it as a project for yourself, you can commission a developer to help you make the game, or get the tech and software to do it yourself, while still keeping your royalties.


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  • I really like the premise and proposed storyline, but I'm don't know if '40s noir will resonate with 20s gamers. That said, if you need an editor or reviewer, I'm game.

    As far as which way to go to get this published and done, I'm completely clueless. A lot would depend on how "movie-like" you want your game to be.


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  • I'm not sure how you could go about selling it but I think it might also be cool as a VR game, though that's still a pretty niche market rn

    Maybe go on the websites of some devs or game companies and see what the process for submitting ideas is like, make sure you read any fine print if u do that though, never know what they might try and pull on you


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  • Doesn't rockstar already have a game like this

    • Not that I know of, closest I could think of is LA Noire

    • Yeah isn't that the same

    • It's also a detective game yeah, they would share similar detective mechanics but from what I envision, my game would look and play more like Heavy Rain (a game on PS4)

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