How do you stopped wasting money?

As a kid, when I first work for my aunt. I was pay and spent the transportation money on food and after that I stopped working for her until I was 14. I was in High School now, and I used to buy some same games for the Nintendo DS about at least 2-4 times because I didn't beat it, conquer it, didn't know what to do, or because it was a bad game. Before I buy new games, I didn't check out the ratings of video games to see was it good or not before buying it and also I didn't have any understanding back then, which means I didn't know what to do in order for me to beat the game and also I didn't look up a walkthrough guide in case I got stuck in the game.
Also, now I used to buy some expensive fish oil and adult vitamins at Jewel and I could had bought it much cheaper at Aldi instead. I even spent $120 on virtual cash shop cards for free-to-play, pay-to-win, addicting, PC MMORPGs like MapleStory, Dragon Saga, and Grand Fantasia because I bought an inventory expansion boost for MapleStory, but I can only have it on one character and if I deleted that character. I don't get back the inventory expansion boost I got for that character.
I bought some virtual cash shop equips for Dragon Saga, and an inventory expansion boost for one character. I couldn't shared my purchased virtual cash shop equips with my other characters on the account which makes no freaking sense and the inventory expansion boost I got can only be used for character. This sucks and is so unfair! What should I do?
Also, I have to keep buying the same games because somebody keep stealing it from me.


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  • Give it to your parents to save it for you, get a small money box with a lock etc


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