Kylo Ren or Ben Solo?

Redemption or Nah?
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  • Dumbass villian with no motivation to be evil at all.
    Diet coke ankin.
    At least ankin was trying to learn nercomancy to bring back people.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't deserve a redemption arc I want him to die painfully.

    • Lol! Why though?

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    • He had literally everything handed to him (loving parents, esential royalty through his name and as a result the ability to do anything he could have ever wanted, a loving uncle who was teaching him how to use his psychic powers) and he trashed all of it to be a shitty little edgelord sith.

    • He had things I'd love to have so I take it kinda personal

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  • I don't think whoever is writing the movies these days would make a move as risky and hard to do right as an unredemptive end to a misunderstood villain. (Also, it wouldn't be a very satisfying conclusion to the legacy/mess Luke left us and the entire galaxy with, right?)

  • Kylo Ren


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