Any animators on this app?

I've been trying animation for the past 2 months since it's becoming a nice hobby, any critiques?

Also let me know if the gifs don't work I can't remember whether or not they do on this app. Any animators on this app??Any animators on this app??Any animators on this app??Any animators on this app??Any animators on this app??


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  • The one where he's throwing a thingbehind him needs more follow through movement. If you watch yourself in a mirror, or look at a reference vid you'll see, especially when sitting, if you throw somethng behind you, your whole body twists and moves to put power behind the throw, even with a simple toss.

    The arm also didn't have enough build up, it seemed to pause at the beginning of the throw, so you have the right idea, but thats all it looked like, a pause and then smooth movement that looked to be representing the look of a throw rather than actual throw.

    And if i write throw one more time... Haha

    Im an amateur animator myself.

    • Yeah I agree, it was a skeleton but I see what you mean. Thank you. :)

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    • A bit rough, needed a bit of smoothing out, more frames or less dramatic transitions would fix that i think.
      I've never animated fire honestly so i can't help you much there.

    • Ah yeah I see what you mean. Thanks mate.

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  • Woah they are awesome! Why don't you try anime studio... I am not much of an animator... but I myself design my game characters.

    • Do you mean clip studio?

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    • Nah you're fine, certain terminology is just used, you have the basic idea.

  • I only see stills.

  • they are very good. you should persist and hone your craft


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