Pagan music suggestions?

as you can tell by my username, I'm really a metalhead. I'm also pagan though, and I've grown to start liking some pagan music too. I'm pretty picky with it though, but anyone got any recommendations of songs?
do also like some native American style music as well


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  • Got a language preference?

    If not then for slow stuff that is haunting and very old in places Medieval Baebes. They sing in pretty much any language they can find as far as I understand.

    Faun is always good of course.

    If you like more of an ambient without much singing Adrian Von Ziegler is absurdly good.

    • nice XD and yeah I don't really have a language preference with this kind of music

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    • FAUN - Odin (feat. Einar Selvik / WARDRUNA & Martin Seeberg)
      That one sends shivers down my spine. They really work well together. Though for me it started to kick off in earnest once Einar started. XD

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  • Warunda

    • Oh yesss. That is very eargasmic. Thank you from my end too! XD

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    • @VoidSkipper lol there was only once where I did a reading for someone, a friend of mine. reading was for kinda determining how things may be in his next life if he has one. the answers all seemed tied in to how his current life is

    • I predicted an acquaintances death while reading her runes. I did not like how that felt. Felt like a brain full of ice and darkness. Made me cry lol, and I usually don't get moved at all let alone upset by such things which is why it was so freaky.

      Mind you I asked a stupid way too vauge, how does ☓ long term situation end question that you should never ask in channeled divination. Lesson harshly learned lol

  • Listen to music by Faun


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  • Beserker

  • Wardurna is amazing


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