How do you find my design level?

I made this flyer ad for an company, and I'm not sure if they will like it or no, what do you think? How do you find my design level??


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  • I'd say it gets the point across. Without speaking the language I get the message.

    • Cool! That's exactly what I want to know! Thanks for your feedback :D

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    • But you already know that it's french even though you don't speak it or understand it.. That's cool! 😎 It says: Cash transfers directly to the card :D

    • Okay, yeah. That's what I'd habe assumed based on the picture. Go me :D

      I only knew it was French because I saw it was from Morocco and it didn't look like Spanish (I know it's not Spanish but they had colonies close by) or any language that uses squiggly lines (like Arabic. Not sure if any others do).

  • Well it's appealing to the eye, I felt like maybe something like a coin in front of the card or maybe saying about it being safe on the flyer at the bottom as the word "SAFE" makes people feel less worried about using things and or buying them.

  • I like it


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