Does anyone here watch or read one piece?

I was just wondering how many people here watch one piece, if you're not a big fan of one piece do you like any other shounen series? And if so witch are your favorites?


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  • I followed it for awhile but after the whitebeam war ar. it just got kinda lame for too long for me. I might pick it up again but I might not.

    Bleach was my favourite out of the HST, I love One Punch Man and My Hero Academia to name a few

  • I read it very slowly catching up over the past two years
    Im up to flamingo arc when luffy is fighting in the Coliseum

    • My favorite anime / manga is Naruto i like it just a bit more than one piece cause it has (imo) more emotion and better action and story and the writer handled the epic moments better
      Again just my opinion

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