Anyone got Metallica's Master of Puppets box set?

It can be either the regular box set or deluxe set. I'm soon working on saving up money to buy the deluxe set. my parents love the band but think I'm crazy for wanting to spend almost $200 for a deluxe set. oh well, I guess I'm crazy then XD
forgot to mention how its a rare thing to find in the record stores as of right now. I also own master of puppets on CD right now (the original version) even when I get the deluxe set I'm still keeping the CD I have right now.


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  • Most American metal sucks, melodeath from Finland is the way to go. What exactly did they change with the album?

    • I've heard some stuff from that band before, i'll be checking more out soon. as for Master of Puppets, I don't know really, I've listened to the remastered version and I can't tell that much of a difference. I probably need to listen more closely to notice because usually its not that hard for me to tell a difference

  • No I haven't but that is pretty rad.


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