What fun things can we do?

I got a girl that I have only been out with 4 times,
and made out once. I have been to her house 3 times but she
was never at mine. She will be coming over this week and
I don't know what me and her can do? It is boring at my house
and it will just become awkward and plus my parents are probably
going to think we are weird. Do any of you have anything fun to do
when I have a girl over at my house other then Netflix?
I appreciate your suggestions :) (If I don't get anything I'm f*cked)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Cook something together, watch TV/a movie/Youtube videos, play a board game, play video games, listen to music, give her a tour of your house, take a walk around your neighborhood, go play outside.
    I don't know what it's like where you live but where I live there's some snow on the ground. If you have snow, go have a snowball fight, build a snowman, go sled riding. If it's warm where you live then go play catch or basketball. Teach her something new. If you have a hobby or something, show her.

    Good luck!


Most Helpful Guy

  • What does she like to do? If she likes board games then that's great! If you can cook, then make a romantic dinner (or even a little snack), if not, then what have yo guys done at her place? I think Netflix is a fine way to start it off, but maybe romantic music at some point can also be good.


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  • try making pizza together or something where you can have a laugh

  • Take her out for a picnic.


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