Connecting my phone to the TV?

I have an iPhone 7 plus, but I have an app that's full of movies and I'd like to watch one, how can I stream it to my television? Is there an app I can download that'll allow me to do this?


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  • Is there a screen mirroring thing available? I know that samsung phones can pair with samsung tv's by pressing one button.

    • Not on the movie app, but the movie is online as well so I'm gonna use chromecast 😊

    • Ok. Good luck anyway lol

    • Thanks 😊

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  • What kind of TV do you have? I know you can use screen mirroring where whatever shows on your phone goes straight to the TV screen but screen mirroring is only compatible with newer TVs and phones to check if your phone is compatible go to your setting and check

    • My TV is a few years old so I don't think it'll be compatible 😭

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    • Hm I'll try it, Thanks 😝

    • No problem

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