Request: Can anyone create a fairytale story?


- Must be original
- At least 250 words
- At least 5 characters
- Must use imagination


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  • Once so long time ago, a strange lady came into the manor Ravenlight of the noble family of Chàus. Bearing white clothing, atop which was greenish parts of cloth that reminded leaves of the trees. She was welcomed into the manor like most were. She had a dinner and then went into her room. She stayed in the manor for a few days and became more withdrawn. Then once a horrible scream awoke everyone in the manor. It was a scream of one of the women of Chàus. The men of the house ran up to the room where it had originated and found all of the women dead and the strange woman was absorbing their corpses. In fury the men rushed to kill the wicked woman, but she turned into someone the men loved when they were about to strike them. So they were powerless to stop the witch. She then took cruel pleasure from first toying with the men and at long last ending their lives. Only one man was left. Thadious of Châus, the youngest man of the house. He was desperately grabbing his sword, in terror as the witch gleefully closed on her last prey. The witch took on the appearance of Thadious's youngest sister, who was 13 year at the time of her death. Thadious loved her little sister the most, more than anything in the world. She stabbed him then, quickly. It was a strike that was easy to dodge, yet Thadious didn't move. She was surprised since most of the other men had tried to flee from her, but gotten cut down. She stabbed him again. And again. And again. All to the upper body. Yet he did not flee. Did not dodge. Did not cry out in pain. Not even a smirk of pain or a sigh. She then noticed something. Something was rolling down the mans cheeks. It wasn't tears. It was blood.

    The witch took few steps back, a little dumpstruck. Then Thadious opened his mouth to speak. ”I shall betray you...” He said. The witch was confused. ”Betray me? We have no bonds of anykind for you to betray.”Thadious was silent. His eyes still looking at the floor, his dark brown hair casting a dark shade to cover the upper part of his face. ”Not you. I betray my love for my sister. ”The witch seemed amused. ”Your sister is gone! You must realize that!” She yelled and laughed. Thadious seemed undisturbed. ”I will betray my love for my sister so that I may strike you down as my sister is now a part of you. " The witch stumbled backwards, but Thadious raised his sword high, slicing the witches throat. As the witch lay on floor he struck down with his sword, impaling her body to the wood.


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  • If I had a laptop instead of my crappy phone I would be all over this 😭😭😭


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  • Latvian girl is say, "I want go America one day."
    Father say, "I send you America."
    Daughter is thank father.
    Make tears of happy.
    Father use for salty potato.
    Father think moment, say, "Daughter, I no send you America."
    Potato is more salt

  • Well, have you watched Fairytale anime? It might help.
    Or, you want me to create one?

    • You to create one.

    • Oh sorry, I thought you were looking for some ideas as a story writer.😅😅
      You can watch Puella magi Madoka Magika (anime) though.

  • once upon a time there was a girl named dollysummers
    she asked to create a story, but she has to ask Tory
    Tory who? tory was a little toad that needed to become a prince
    and tory can only become a prince if tory got a kiss from dolly

    the end

  • I do this multiple times a week to practice my English skills

  • I could if I had the time, but i don't


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  • Why do i feel like you’re trying to make people do your homework assignment?

    • Im not. I haven’t been in school in a while now. I just love reading fairytales, and watching...

  • I take writing commissions


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