Does the lyrics of this song have deep meaning?

Press the CC BUTTON to see the lyrics.
It's a love ballad song.


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  • it's not mindless trash lyrics but there isn't much substance too it outside of being a love ballad type song, there are a few lines you could go deeper on but it's mostly just what it says

  • no... just another love song ballad type thing but in another language where bass doesn't exist. like celine dion on helium

    • I made the PITCH HIGHER. Here's the original song.

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    • you should google it lol

    • Thanks, I'm gonna google it

  • No with some work. But one. She said look up for all the love I have saved for you means that she is asking him to recall the happy movements of them.

    • Well, it's in a different language and I had to translate it.

    • Do you like the song by itself? If you didn't know any of the lyrics?

    • Yes. It's even more beautiful in that language.

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