Anyone seen this creepy mickey mouse video?

I didn't attach the video here because I didn't want to get reported for any reason. but I just watched an old mickey mouse video on youtube called "suicide mouse". the video is from 1930, there is just music, no talking, and the music is piano playing in an unsettling way and out of tune. mickey is frantically speedwalking down a road with a concerned look on his face and one arm flailing around. the video is just that, but then it starts to look like the reel was burning up, and the video disappears. then it comes back and still hard to see but you can tell mickey is just doing the same thing. the video stretches, and in the end you see a picture of him with a creepy smile. not to mention, one version of the video I saw had a ton of screaming, but possibly that was more recent editing. video is about 10 minutes long. this has actually made me think about eventually doing a mytake of creepy cartoons and youtube videos. have you guys seen this? if so did it bother you? it creeped me out some. one person on youtube said they had panic attacks. for those who have not seen it, you can watch it if you want, but either prepare for being scared or just being bored. if you guys think it might actually be ok to post the video to this question let me know and i'll update the question.
ok wait I found one much weirder. not even a cartoon. its called Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv. I'm not even explaining it, but like with the other video, you're welcome to watch


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  • you mean this:
    that was just boring though I watch a lot of horror movies so I've already seen stuff like this.

    • that was the exact one i saw. I watch a ton of horror myself too, I'm spending my time watching supposedly "cursed" vids like this on youtube right now lol

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  • Oh yeah that's an old creepypasta accompaniment that's been floating around for a while. Messed up. I think there's like, a varient somewhere too.


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  • Eh, it reminded me of those jump scare videos of a woman like the grunge.

    • shit I remember watching an episode of Felix the Cat (black and white) where all it had to do with was him and 2 other cats trying to go have a picnic but it kept raining outside and stuff. I saw it when I was 11 and for some reason it scared me.. I saw it again a year ago, still bothered me. I don't know how I can handle watching the most goriest and horrifying movies yet get spooked by this shit lol XD

  • I nearly shot myself out of boredom.

    • when I first saw it I actually skipped through the part where its all blank

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    • yeah the modern Disney stuff sucks. I've also always thought that the old mickey mouse stuff like this had some sort of creep factor to it. and cartoons similar to it

    • I must look out those old movies.

  • The ending scared the shit out of me omg

  • Probably it's fake

    • I'm looking up stuff having to do with this one video called "WPKEPKW" its pretty creepy, its said that whoever watches it ends up having the video popping back up on their screens constantly later on when doing other things online. it could be a fake as well but at the same time I don't wanna wreck my computer lol

    • If you like creepy stuff, this is a really good thread for that.
      https://tinyurl. com/yb9sjoby

    • awesome thanks

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