Which is better?

I drew this on Adobe Draw of a guy I know today. Do you like the original, or one of the filtered versions better?
  • Which is better???Original
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  • Which is better???Filter 1
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  • Which is better???Filter 2
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I love Filter 2. Great job on all of them though. I like Filter 1 too.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I honestly think the filtered ones are awful. The first one is pretty good, I recommend trying to learn how to shade things more dynamically so that it gets that "pop" you seem to be looking for.

    Also, another good tip I think is not to leave the background white. Even just a solid color would make it instantly more visually appealing.

    • Thanks for the advice! I made it to be more of a comic book type pop art so for this particular piece I didn't really want to shade it. Plus I did it in an hour.

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