How important do you think having a hobby (arts or music or something really special) is important, and if you could go back in time what would learn?

For me, I would add to my guitar paino and drums!
And when I have children I will try to give them a thing ( music or sports or art) all of them.


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  • I think its important to keep one sane if there hobby is not there job all ready
    I think in a perfect world each will have gotten to work in a job that fits them and there for will not have need a hobby
    And a hobby is what we do to fulfill that

    • But you know, like a hobby is a getaway from what we usually do, it is something to make ourselves happy not to make money

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    • I want more but strugling with these as is 😅

    • Haha
      You just keep the good work, and don't pressure your self! 👍👍

  • I think it is very important to have a few hobbies. Later on, when you get interviewed for a job, they often ask you what you do in your spare time. You are kind of screwed if you say you are on your devices all the time

    More importantly, it good to be good at different things, as it makes you more unique.

    If I could go back in time, I would like to play sports more

  • I think it's important to help one be somewhat well-rounded... I would like to have learned guitar :)

    • It is not late for you!
      I started at 16 and you saw how good I am, and you already have a good ears.
      So go ahead and start, and if you need help I can help you too!

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    • Lol it's the thought that counts 😂😂

    • Yes 😂😂
      Money 💵 is just a number!

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  • I learn already new music instruments and I don't stop just because I am not young anymore.
    I play Drums, Guitar, Bass and I am learning piano

    • Good thing!
      Wish you best of luck, I too am learning the panio

  • Very important


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