Just for curiosity how many of you like rock/metal? Can you suggest a good band? Thx?

Hey everyone, so I'm curious... Do you like rock/metal/punk? If yes... Feel free to suggest a band at the comments... Just remember to put the style and your favorite music of the band... Time to find some new cool bands ^^ try to remind some underground bands please... The famous ones I probably already heard... Ty

thanks everyone... Also I'll put some suggestions of bands by style if you guys want to check it...

At the break of dawn - Arion (ft. Elize Ryd)
Forever and away - Crimson Sun
Cleanse the bloodlines - unleash the archers

Surrender - disperse
Enemy - 12 stones
Scars - I prevail
  • Yes, I like metal/rock (feel free to put the to comment the suggestion... Ty)
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  • Nope, I'm not into it
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  • Yes i'm in metal!
    I suggest Alestorm, a pirate metal band, maybe the most known titles: ''drink'', ''shipwrecked''...
    I saw them live and It is a really good memory.
    I also listen to sabaton, powerwolf, gost bc, lordi...
    Look for the ''popular'' title to see if those groups suits you!

    • Great suggestions ^^didn't know any of them... Liked Sabaton and powerwolf a lot xP and alestorm is pretty good too... thanks ^^

    • Thank you, i'll come back if i get more ideas

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bilmuri are good. Listen to faint by bilmuri

    • Couldn't find "faith" so I've listened "feel" and "pain"... Nice one man... thanks ^^

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    • Wow... Loved this August burns red... Remembers a lot of parkway drive... Very nice ^^ thanks

    • you're very welcome my friend

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  • I’m more into rock than metal.

    Check out Stone Sour (recommended song: Absolute Zero) or Slipknot (recommended song: Devil in I).

    • Nice suggestions ^^ already know both but thanks anyway... Good taste by the way ^^

    • Thanks! I’ll think up some others to suggest then lol

  • Nope, I'm not into it


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