What's your favourite season of Black Mirror overall?

Since the new season came out recently and it's one of my favourite shows, I was wondering what everyone's favourite season and episode is and why 😊
  • Season 1 - Hated in the Nation/Fifteen Million Merits/The Entire History of You
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  • Season 2 - Be Right Back/White Bear/The Waldo Moment/White Christmas
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  • Season 3 - Nosedive/Playtest/Shut Up and Dance/San Junipero/Men Against Fire/Hated in the Nation
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  • Season 4 - USS Callister/Arkangel/Crocodile/Hang the DJ/Metalhead/Black Museum
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Whats it all about? I see it everywhere and want to watch it but I don't get what its about?

    • A lot of people see it as a modern day version of The Twilight Zone. It's basically an anthology show that looks at advances in technology and how we use it for good and bad. Like it's looked at what happens when you die but your online profiles still exist, being able to live forever in the cloud, dating apps, how we often vote for personality over policy in politics, among loads of other things. There's usually a bit of a twist at the end and it leaves you questioning your existence a lot of the time but it's worth a watch!

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    • Ahh I'm so glad you like it!! It really is such an easy binge 😊 I hope you get well soon too!

    • @GenuineShaun wish you speedy and complete recovery.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I mean i like certain episodes from each season. I didn't enjoy season 4 that much tbh. My fav was 15 mil credits

    • I agree about season 4, I really enjoyed Arkangel, Crocodile and Hang the DJ but the rest were just a bit forgettable which is a bit of a shame

    • I camt even remember crocodile xD

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What Guys Said 1

  • I love this show so much! Hated in the nation was the best season finale of all time!!

    • Ahh I loved Hated in the Nation too!! I hate that it's got a bit of a bad reputation for just being 'that bee episode', like I really really enjoyed it

What Girls Said 2

  • Don’t like a season in general. Each season has their bad and good
    My favorite episodes are
    The Entire History of You
    Shut up and Dance
    White Christmas
    White Bear
    Black Museum

  • I've only seen the first episode of season four, but thus far season three was my absolute favorite. I think I liked the episode Nosedive the best.


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