Any Singing Tips?

I plan on working to become a professional singer but I don’t have as much information on how to be greater at singing and tend to not like to watch videos about how to get better. (I found I am a soprano singer btw) Any tips would be helpful


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  • Singing professionally is not a matter of just getting a few tips. Almost no one sings well naturally and they benefit from instruction. For many people, that comes in the church choir where singers like Whitney Houston got her start. It also requires years of practice. No one just sing sin the shower for a few months and then goes to Nashville and makes a record. If it was that easy, lots of people could do it.

    Find someone for voice lessons or sing in a church choir. If you aren't interested in doing either of those things, perhaps a singing career is not in the stars for you.


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  • Research the notes. Practice. Practice. Practice. Learn how to control your voice properly. You can't learn how to sing excellently quickly.


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