Do any of you like anime?

If you do, what's your favourite or top 5? What are you watching right now, and are there any you are waiting for, either new releases or new seasons?
If you don't, why?
My top 5 would be the following -

Hunter x Hunter (2011)
My Hero Academia
Attack on Titan
Hellsing Ultimate


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  • Gosh? Top five? I'll try! XD in no particular order- trigun, full moon wo sagashite, skip beat, kimi ni todoke, and.. i have to put inuyasha for nostalgia purposes.. But then there's ouran, skirayuki, world is still beautiful.. I don't know they're all great in their own ways, so I can't just go with five haha.

    • Haven't heard of most of those, nor seen them to be honest haha.

    • I've been into anime for a long time haha. And there was no like subtitle rift for me, so basically, I dove right into subtitles and manga.

    • Also, I can be quite picky with anime as well, sooo...

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  • I love anime. Almost all of my favorites have been romantic comedies, so it's probably safe to say that rom-com is my favorite genre.

    However, I'm watching a lot of the main shonens right now, for the experience. I'm watching Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Dragon Ball, and I may eventually pick up Bleach again, just because I think it's important for an anime fan to appreciate the series' that brought anime's popularity to the west. Plus, all of those shows have huge fandoms that I'd like to be a part of.

    Since you asked, among my favorites are:
    - Toradora
    - Lovely Complex
    - Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi
    - Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
    - The Nise Koi Franchise (I watched the anime, and I'm currently reading the manga)


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  • Manga and anime
    At the moment I'm reading shingeki no kyoujin... watched the two seasons already
    Also loved sekirei plan
    One punch man! Omg when that comes back out!

    • Loved both OPM and SnK, awaiting their new anime seasons for sure.

    • I'm ecstatic! Have you got any recommendations in the meantime?
      Diamond no ace is a good one it's a sports anime if you're interested.
      I'm sure you've probably seen Boku No Hero: Academia if you liked OPM

    • I've seen a hell of a lot of anime in my time, but i'm mostly into shounen action. A few off the top of my head are Soul Eater, Hunter x Hunter (148 eps), Haikyuu (if you're interested into volleyball), and maybe even
      Yep i've seen that, enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of sport, especially One Outs (Baseball/Psychological)
      Yep, one of my favourites, along with SnK, and HxH.

  • I have literally only seen 5 but I like Ginga Nagareboshi Gin. It's real 80s and Yoshihiro Takahashi's art style is really nice, some people hate it, but I think it makes his stuff more distinctive and that makes it better in my opinion.

    The only downside is you gotta waste the first 7 episodes on the stupid kid before you get to anything good, that part's a slot but once it's good it stays really good

  • I loveeeeeee anime!!!
    I'm waiting for the new release of Tokyo ghoul and fairy tail to come out... So annoying been waiting 3 years.

    Yeah. They're awesome and I watch a lot of anime like a lot a lot.

  • Yes I Iove it
    Hunter x hunter is a favourite forever, seven deadly sins, thete are more but I'm tired ATM haha

    • HxH is on another level to any other anime i've seen in terms of long running anime, only one thing I didn't like, was the Chimera Ant arc felt dragged out too much (especially so on my 2nd run through recently). But it's a masterpiece, plot, characters, ideas and more were amazing.
      Seven Deadly Sins is great too, currently awaiting the next season which airs soon :D

    • Sword art online as well

  • Attack on Titan
    One Punch Man (My favourite)
    Tokyo Ghoul
    Darker than Black (if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!)

    • Seen them all :)
      All great. Naruto was the first of the "big 3" I got into and I loved it, even the filler. Probably because I got to watch 90% of it within a few weeks as it had almost ended by the time I started watching.
      What do you think of Boruto, Naturo next generations?

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    • I agree with the name. They're all really similar, but I guess they did need to follow on with the Naruto theme, or some fans would feel it isn't a confutation of the series that they love.
      I'm up to date, the earlier episodes were kinda just character introduction and not really interesting, but towards the end it feels more exciting. I'd watch more episodes if I were you, i'm enjoying them so far myself.

    • That makes a lot of sense.

      Ah Awesome! I'll definitley give it a watch then :) I'm glad you enjoy it

  • A lot! I'm a voice actor in training. That includes dubbing of-course.

    • Favourites

      Death Parade
      Death Note
      Assassination Classroom
      Madoka Magica

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    • I'm taking professional voice-over lessons, they're so fun. Some other ones I've seen and liked are Your Lie In April, Future Diary, One Punchman, My Hero Academia, Corpse Party, Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass, Attack On Titan

      I've cosplayed Mei from Another and 9th from Future Diary

    • That's great, I wish you well! Let me know when you are voice acting over more anime :p
      Good couple of anime listed there too.

  • I LOVE ouran highschool host club but it all depends on what genre you like. if you like action I'd recommend dead man wonderland it's so good 👌

    • Never really got into that one, will give it another try sometime.
      I've seen it and yeah was pretty good

  • Bleach

    • Got up to around episode 200 (Arrancar arc) but I just lost interest, feels like it's being stretched out way too much and got stale.
      Recommend me finishing it off?

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    • Well rip. It was good up until the Arrancar arc for me. Some of these anime's could be so much better if they focused on quality not quantity. Can't really hate on them trying to make a living though.

    • With bleach it where the side stories for me that screwed it up made it impossible to watch further..

  • Nope nope nope


What Guys Said 7

  • Don't have a top 5 but I just finished Orange, I really like that short show. Parts of it we're overkill or just filler and some of it has obvious bad translation. but some parts were astoundingly good. It's a mostly sad anime though

  • Yes, I like anime.

    My top 5 in no particular order:
    - Berserk
    - Code Geass
    - Naruto
    - Rurouni Kenshin
    - Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works

  • Haven't seen that much but I like death note, bleach, and cowboy bebop.

  • Actually hate it with an admittedly unreasonable passion.

  • Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Outs, Kuroko no Basuke and Stein's Gate.

    • Loved all of them. Good list. All would be in my Top 10.

    • Hunter x Hunter older version was better in my opinion.

  • Psycho-pass, gintama, oregairu, Fate series, JoJo bizarre adventures

  • Hell yes


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